Reliance on intermittent energy sources and unpredictable weather conditions require extensive planning. 

ISOs demand accurate forecasts for smooth operations, impacting energy production optimization, grid stability, and supply-demand alignment.


Utilize proprietary AI technology for accurate energy forecasts spanning one minute to two weeks ahead, suitable for all renewable energy sources.

Seamlessly integrate primary and secondary data, including third-party weather information.


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Resource Allocation

Use renewable resources more effectively, leading to optimized energy production.

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Grid Management

Improve grid stability and reduced occurrences of blackouts or energy waste.

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Cost Savings

Save from reduced need for backup power from fossil fuels and more efficient grid operations.

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Supply and Demand Alignment

Better align energy supply with demand, improving service levels and reducing energy surplus or deficit.

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Environmental Impact

Lower carbon footprint by maximizing the use of renewable energy and minimizing reliance on fossil fuels.

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Regulatory Compliance

Fulfill ISO demands for precise energy forecasting, avoiding potential penalties for imbalances.