In the past, TSOs operated transmission lines below total capacity for safety, which can reduce efficiency and lead to congestion during peak demand.



Utilize 100% line capacity, eliminating redundancy and monitoring line performance in real time through data integration from sensors, SCADA, APIs, etc.

Employ artificial intelligence to predict and prevent failures, including short circuits and overheating.

Implement automated controls for precise energy injection, adjusting power generation levels to ensure a stable and efficient electrical grid.

Predict failures and adjust generators automatically, ensuring system functionality and averting outages and disruptions.


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Transmission Efficiency

Maximize the use of transmission capacity to reduce losses and improved power delivery.

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Operational Flexibility

Adjust operations dynamically in response to changing conditions.

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Ensure that increased operational loads do not compromise the safety of the infrastructure and personnel.

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Grid Stability

Maintain frequency and voltage within required limits through automated controls controls.

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Maintenance Efficiency

Use predictive analytics to optimize maintenance schedules and reduce downtime.

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Incident Response Time

Detect, respond to, and resolve grid incidents faster.