Lack of visibility into energy demand and congestion impacts make financial planning less effective. 

Congestion events can disrupt the ability to anticipate when energy lines will be affected, impacting energy injection into the grid.


Real-time visibility into line congestion, enabling the identification of congestion events.


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Revenue Protection

Prevent loss of revenue that would result from unscheduled downtime or reduced energy transmission.

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Energy Efficiency

Management grid congestion in real time, reducing energy waste.

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Grid Stability

Improve foresight into congestion events, maintaining a stable grid, reducing the risk of blackouts and ensuring a constant energy supply

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Regulatory Compliance

Manage congestion effectively, better complying with regulatory requirements and avoiding penalties.

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Operational Resilience

Increase operational resilience through quickly responding to and managing grid congestion.

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Financial Planning

Enhance financial planning capabilities by reducing the unpredictability of congestion-related costs.