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Splight Partners with EUCI for Grid Modernization Conference

Splight is thrilled to announce our partnership with EUCI for their forthcoming virtual summit on Grid Modernization, which will take place on April 8-9, starting at 8:30 AM CT. As innovators of state-of-the-art AI solutions for the electric grid sector, we are aligned with EUCI's mission to enhance the grid's resilience, reliability, and security. This collaboration highlights our mutual commitment to enabling innovation to address the industry's most significant challenges.

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Event Highlights:

Key Discussions: FERC Commissioner Allison Clements and former Commissioner Jon Wellinghoff will share insights on the essential modernization of the U.S. transmission grid for a sustainable, technology-driven future. Their conversation will focus on grid enhancements to support a growing population and evolving energy demands, underlining the importance of reliability, seamless renewable integration, and improved resilience. They will also explore the role of advanced technologies in optimizing grid functionality and their broader implications on the economy, environment, and society.

Market Transformation: M.D. Sakib, Director at National Grid's Future of Electric, will delve into the transformative impact of innovative grid technologies on market structures, introducing new market participants and enhancing grid flexibility and efficiency. Sakib's talk will spotlight the growing significance of DERs, their effect on market dynamics and consumer engagement, and the resulting need for regulatory adjustments and new business models.

Expansion Challenges and Opportunities: A panel of distinguished executives and experts will examine the prospects and obstacles of expanding the U.S. power grid and transmission projects. This discussion aims to uncover the influences of regulatory frameworks, technological advancements, and market dynamics on the investment landscape.

It is important to note that these sessions cover just half the first day of the two-day online summit. To access the full agenda, click here.


Splight's AI Expertise in Focus: Insights from our Chief Product Officer

Carlos Caldart, Splight's Chief Product Officer, will present an on-site session providing an in-depth look at how Splight's AI applications address real-world electric grid challenges. He will discuss how Splight's solutions leverage real-time environmental and operational data to fully utilize infrastructure capabilities, moving beyond the limitations of traditional transmission line rating methods.

Significantly, Splight champions FERC 881's mandate for dynamic line rating technology, offering a sensorless DLR solution that substantially cuts initial costs and simplifies integration with existing systems. This innovation reduces logistical and financial barriers and propels utilities toward better grid reliability and transmission efficiency.


Join the Summit: A Gateway to Industry Leadership

The EUCI Grid Modernization Summit is poised to be an invaluable platform for electric grid professionals. By joining forces with Splight and other industry leaders, participants will uncover the latest industry trends, network with colleagues, and acquire essential insights for crafting a smarter, more sustainable grid. Seize this unparalleled learning opportunity to influence the electric grid's future positively. 

To learn more and register for the summit, click here.